G3 Box Building a Clinic in Kenya

The ASU-based startup called G3 Box hopes to build medical clinics out of old shipping containers and then send them to countries in need of such services. Each of these clinics have a rough cost of about $80K and the crew at G3 has been painstakingly building their first one over the past couple of years with volunteers.

Their first G3 Box is DONE! Now they need the funds to ship it to Kenya where it will be used to help pregnant women and their newborns get medical attention during the birthing process. What an amazing project!

They are more than 40% of the way towards their goal. I’m super proud to say that Axosoft and its employees made a $5,000 contribution towards their $17K goal.

You should check it out and see if you want to help.

JIRA Dev Team Doesn’t Use JIRA?

Today, a colleague brought a new JIRA 6 sneak peak video to my attention. It’s rare for me to pay attention to what our competitors are doing, but in this case, JIRA 6 is supposedly focusing on addressing “User Experience” an area that is a huge strength of Axosoft’s OnTime product. Ever since our pricing change more than a year ago, OnTime has been accumulating customers at a rate that is 500% faster than before. Yeh, it’s been pretty insane! I suspect our massive increase in customers has come at the expense of our Australian friends.

The #1 reason customers choose OnTime is because of the user experience.

So in JIRA V6, Atlassian decided to make their user experience “Kickass” — so much so that they made a video about it. The video doesn’t show any kickass features, it just shows their team talking about how Kickass JIRA V6 is going to be. But one important part of the video that jumped out at me is that the JIRA dev team uses colored sticky notes on a wall to track their projects.

WHAT!?!?! Sticky cards on a wall?!?!


Screenshot from the video


Screenshot from the video

I thought this is craziness and extremely unproductive, so I wanted to offer the JIRA team an olive branch to both help their productivity and bring them into the 21st century:  Shoot me an email (hamids) and we’ll hook you guys up with a free OnTime Scrum OnDemand Account. You can manage everything: your project goals, releases, sprints, and even your defects, in one place with an absolutely (and do I dare say it) Kick Ass user experience. No more sticky notes guys! 😉